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If you have just finished shopping for an Android phone or a tablet, be assured that your new phone or tablet can run a lot of new applications. Android has become huge in a very small time with a popularity that though not nearly as high as the iPhone, is steadily increasing everyday.

Android bingo is one of the many applications that you will be able to enjoy on your new Android phone or tablet. Since the Android phone or tablet offer you more control than an iPhone or an iMac, playing Android bingo is going to be much more fun than you could imagine.

The Android operating system is a Linux based system designed by Google. Since this is an open source operating system, you can find a lot of applications that are offered free of cost. When it comes to Android phone bingo, however, you may have to spend some money. Be assured though, that this money will be well spent.

Since Android is open source, it gives access to a lot of applications that iPhone discourages, thus opening a wide array of choices when it comes to gaming – especially bingo. Here are some great Android tablet bingo applications, as well as Android phone bingo applications that you will love. Business Bingo, also known as Buzzword Bingo is a great game that you can play on your phone whenever you feel that you are getting bored in your office.

If you have a meeting where there are a lot of buzzwords being thrown around, you can play buzzword bingo where each player has a list of buzzwords. As the speaker speaks them, cross them out your list and see who wins. The latest version of Business Bingo, 1.1.4 is compatible with all versions of Android. This game of bingo for Android phones and tablets can be downloaded from the internet. Boring Bingo: This is one of the touch screen bingo apps for Android. This is played like the regular Bingo and has no new rules. Fans of the regular bingo games would definitely enjoy playing Boring Bingo version 1.0, compatible with all Android versions.

MMM Skill Bingo is another game of Bingo for Android based phones and tablets. This is a regular game of bingo, but requires a higher skill. The rules of the game and the controls for it are usually available with the game download. As you improve your skill, the numbers are spoken faster and the game becomes harder. Another useful Android tablet Bingo application is Bingomatic. This Android bingo app lets you play different kinds of bingo games with your friends and family, right over your phone. This application generates bingo cards over the phone. You can copy these cards on to a piece of paper for faster game play.

After the cards are generated, the application continues on to calling the numbers. This means that you do not have to carry any bingo supplies with you again. You can play bingo anywhere, anytime with this Android bingo application.

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